Fishing Discards

Discards are the portion of a catch of fish which is not retained on board during commercial fishing operations and is returned, often dead or dying, to the sea.

The practice of discarding is driven by economic and political factors; fish which are discarded are often unmarketable species, individuals which are below minimum landing sizes and catches of species which fishermen are not allowed to land, for instance due to quota restrictions. Discards form part of the bycatch of a fishing operation, although bycatch includes marketable species caught unintentionally. Discarding can be highly variable in time and space as a consequence of changing economic, sociological, environmental and biological factors .

Discards in Warfare

There are a lot of discard cards, artifacts that combo with them, and creatures that would be good in a deck. You can use some dark rituals, some mana producing artifacts (lotus petal, mox) and you have a discard deck. Usually discard deck isn’t junk. It’s most black cards and some of red or green cards.

Casino Discards

A high quality, casino-style 6 deck discard holder is made of clear acrylic with a black base. It is perfect for discarding cards after every game so that they don’t get in the mix when a new hand is dealt. This discard holder can be used for any card game.

Signals and Discards in the game of Bridge

To the Trained Eye, Discards Can Reveal a Hand’s Secrets.

The defense use signals (when following the suit led) and discards (when discarding a suit other than that led) to provide their partners with information about their hand. This information can suggest what their partner should lead, or provide information about the shape of their hand.

Revolving Discard: This discarding method provides a suit preference signal on the first discard in a hand. There are two variations: 1) a low card requests the suit below the discarded suit and a high card requests the suit above; 2) a low card requests the lower of the other two suits; a high card requests the higher.